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Valerie Morignat

Valerie Morignat, PhD, is an award-winning underwater photographer, a VR director, and a tenured Associate Professor based in San Francisco, USA.

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The Awarded Underwater Series

Valerie Morignat, Ph.D., is an award-winning underwater photographer and a Virtual Reality director based in San Francisco.
Her inimitable fashion and fine art underwater photography was awarded many times, featured in industry publications, acquired by national museums, and consistently attracts public praise.


From The Surface

The grace and elegance that exudes from these photographs is intoxicating. Valerie's artwork has been internationally displayed and praised, and judging by these underwater photos, will continue to be for quite some time. TrendHunter
Valerie Morignat is incredibly talented and her photographs are really surprising. It goes further than the classic underwater photography. Haut Style
Water is always approached as a character in itself, which externalizes the emotions of the human subjects and evokes the symbolic language of the Baroque period, ancient mythology, and some classical metaphors carried by literature. Karin+Raoul