About Valerie Morignat
Valerie Morignat

Valerie Morignat, PhD, is an award-winning underwater photographer, a VR/AR and AI expert, and a tenured Associate Professor based in San Francisco, USA.
Her portfolio is represented by Intelligent Story LLC.

Valerie Morignat has received 25 international photography awards, among which the Arte Laguna Prize, the International Photography Awards, and the Sony World Photography Award. Her underwater photography is featured in industry publications and acquired by private collectors and national art museums.

Morignat’s talent for visual storytelling is fueled by the insatiable pursuit of water's evokative power. Her underwater photographic reveries are impregnated with references to art history, mythology, literature, video games, and cinema.

Valerie Morignat's photography reveals a unique creative vision that sets her work apart in the photography landscape.


Valerie Morignat is an international fine art photographer and portraitist. She was born in New Caledonia and resides in San Francisco where she is the CEO of the consulting and creative firm Intelligent Story.

Valerie holds a Ph.D. in Arts and Art Sciences from the Sorbonne University. She taught 15 years as a Sorbonne's Assistant Professor and a Tenured Associate Professor of Cinema and Digital Arts at the University of Montpellier III. She then moved to Asia-Pacific where she concurrently led a business consulting firm and a photography studio. Her work has earned international recognition and earned multiple prestigious industry awards.

To exhibit Valerie Morignat's work or make any other business inquiry, please contact Intelligent Story LLC.

The grace and elegance that exudes from these photographs is intoxicating.
Valerie's artwork has been internationally displayed and praised, and judging by these underwater photos, will continue to be for quite some time. [Trendhunter]