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Valerie Morignat

Valerie Morignat, PhD, is an award-winning underwater photographer, a VR director, and a tenured Associate Professor based in San Francisco, USA.

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Valerie Morignat

PhD, VR Director & Photographer
I was a Tenured Associate Professor of Cinema and Digital Arts in France, and a researcher at the Sorbonne University who predicted many developments of our digital future.
Today, I am a passionate Futurist, a Virtual Reality expert, and a Fine Arts Photographer based in San Francisco.
My photographic work has been exhibited worldwide and is frequently awarded in international contests.


The grace and elegance that exudes from these photographs is intoxicating.
Valerie's artwork has been internationally displayed and praised, and judging by these underwater photos, will continue to be for quite some time. [Trendhunter]

Valerie Morignat was born and raised in the French island of New Caledonia, a mesmerizing gem surrounded with the widest lagoon in the world. Her precocious passion for the arts and humanities guided her steps to Paris at 17, where she was admitted to the Sorbonne University. Awarded two excellence research grants, she graduated with highest honors with two masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Arts and Art Sciences. Her doctoral thesis developed a unique analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci's creative processes and a visionary theory of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Hired as a Tenured Associate Professor of Cinema and Digital Arts at the University of Montpellier III, Morignat taught and published thought-provoking essays on cinema, AI, VR/AR, philosophy, cognitive sciences, and arts. After a decade, she embarked on an academic leave for entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific, to devise digital-first strategies for government leaders and Fortune 500 companies. Driven by an insatiable passion for vision execution, Morignat concurrently founded a non-profit organization to promote creative photography and her high-end photography studio. Her underwater photography work won multiple prestigious international industry awards, and has been described as unique and influential in the fine art underwater photography arena.

Today, Valerie Morignat works in San Francisco as an independant photographer, a futurist providing consulting services to Silicon Valley firms, and a creative director obsessed with immersive and interactive design. When she does not shoot or design VR experiences, she writes her book to be published on Artificial Intelligence.


Valerie Morignat's photography received multiple prestigious international awards, such as the Arte Laguna Prize, the International Photography Awards, or the Sony World Photography Award. Her underwater photography was featured in industry publications, acquired by national museums, and consistently attracts public praise.

Morignat’s talent for visual storytelling is fueled by a sense of epic and an insatiable pursuit of the world's majestic beauty. Her underwater photographic reveries are impregnated with references to art history, mythology, literature, video games, and cinema. Angels, avatars, allegoric figures and divinities levitate in surreal spaces, immersing viewers in an alternate world larger than life. Valerie Morignat's photography reveals a unique and powerful creative vision that radically sets her work apart in the photography world.



My favorite task

Immersion In Virtuo

Valerie Morignat led cutting-edge interactive experiences changing the face of the healthcare industry – from empathy-building VR/AR/MR experiences, to haptic pipeline explorations, eDetailing apps, B2B/B2C websites, multitouch interfaces, and +.

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The Avatar Masterclass

Avatar cristallise les contradictions du monde contemporain. Promesse de retour à une nature terrestre détruite par l’humanité, la planète Pandora est façonnée par les signes du paradis perdu et le culte d’un monde artificiel où la technologie devient promesse de résurrection.

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Leonardo Unveiled

Valerie Morignat published a thought-provoking analysis of the Leonardo Da Vinci disappeared mural "The Battle of Anghiari". Her research work was inspired by a discovery she made while creating a lifesize charcoal anamorphosis of the famous mural.

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The Transmedia Revolution

A enthuasistic futurist, Valerie Morignat regularly give talks about AI, VR/AR, transmedia storytelling, cinema, and the upcoming realities. She is also regularly invited as a TV and radio broadcasting guest speaker.